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Fishing legend Steve Starling hosts his own brand new show exclusive to FIshflicks, this summer. Learn from one of the best Fishing teachers in Australia all the techniques you’ll need to catch the species we all love, like Whiting, Snapper, Bream and Murray Cod to name a few. Starlo has been writing and fishing for over 40 years and is without a doubt one of the most respected Fisho’s in the country.


Guided Fishing DownUnder – A Guides Day Out! John Haenke is probably the most experienced camera operator and fisho in the business. John worked on pioneering shows like Escape with ET and produced several thousand fishing DVD’s in his time. Now exclusive to Fishflicks John shares his and others experiences as professional Fishing guides. This show is a first of its kind in Australia, looking at all the up’s and down’s of guiding as they do their best day after day to try and connect customers to monster fish. Sometimes they win and sometimes they loose and its all on show right here on A Guides Day Out.


Rex Hunt’s Fishing Adventures

Join one of Australia’s most well known Fishing and AFL personalities Rex Hunt as he kisses them and lets them go. Rex was the pioneer for Fishing Show’s in Australia and also had a huge following all over the world. His infectious personality saw him become a house hold name, loved by Fisho’s of all ages.

Mark Berg’s Fishing Addiction

This show is all about the average Aussie getting to experience a Fishing Adventure of a lifetime with fishing personality, Mark Berg. Bergie takes his guests to some amazing destinations and provides them with experiences many can only dream of. It’s a great show for the whole family.

Big Angry Fish

Based out of New Zealand these two kiwi’s do battle with some monster fish in some of the most spectacular destinations through-out New Zealand. With loads of tips and real insights into how its done this is a great show for Fisho’s of all ages.


IFISH is the show for anyone who is passionate about fishing. It covers Australia & abroad. Fresh & saltwater, boat & landbased and basically everything in between.

Lee Rayner’s Fishing Edge

If you want to learn something then Lee’s show is a great place to start. Not only does he catch heaps of fish, Lee actually shows you how its done. From rigs to rods you will learn it all with Lee Rayner.


Hook, Line and Sinker

Without doubt the funniest fishing show in Australia. Andrew Hart and Nick Duigan team up for a laugh a minute, fishing all over the country but really not taking it too seriously. They actually do catch a lot of great fish and yet still manage to find the funny side in every situation.

Escape with ET

Not only one of Australia’s all time best rugby league players but a top fisho too, Andrew Ettingshausen travels the world in search of great fish but also shares the entire adventure including 4WD and camping segments. An Aussie legend with a real passion for the outdoors.

Hog's, Dog's and Quads

Its raw and its real! These guys bring you into the heart of they're hunting adventures screaming through the bush on quads hunting down some massive boars in an all action adventure show


The Next Level

Produced by Mark Berg, this show provides a real insight into all forms of fishing with many of the best Fisho’s in Australia. It’s dramatic approach really takes you into the awesome locations from the city to the bush. Every episode a different fishing pro is interviewed and they share all their tips and tricks to make you a better fisho.

DNA Bow Hunter

One of the most challenging forms of hunting in some pretty tough country is what you’ll find in this series. These guys take you into the hunt itself sharing some incredible footage along the journey.

Off Road Adventure Show

If you love all things outdoors you’ll love this show. From hard core 4WDing to Fishing and Camping let the guys from this outstanding production show you how its done

Enjoy just a small taste of FishFlicks! Join up for your free trial to enjoy over 1000 hours of content!